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Elected as top docs again in 2018 - they consistently are voted Top Doctors by their peers.  Dr. Lanier and Dr. Tierce understand the issues of allergy, asthma and a whole host of immunologic issues.  They are considered cost consciencious and extremely good educators, taking the time you need for an organized approach.   Consultant letters go to your doctors and we believe in complete record sharing.  You get copy of your records before you leave. They are active in clinical research and Journal papers, now working in three large studies on asthma and urticaria.    

Need immunization faster?   We offer RUSH (accelerated immunotherapy) to select patients.   It's faster and may save you copays immunization by reducing the total number of shots

Post Nasal Drip

It can come from sinuses - even as a reaction to reflux

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Food Allergy

Dr. Tierce has a special interest



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Dr. Lanier Speaks and presents research at the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Meeting 

2016 - San Francisco

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6310 SW blvd 76109


Dr. Tierce has conference with Crowley School nurses on the latest information about peanuts sensitivity, epinephrine use, and allergies as they affect school children.  It was one of a number of community outreaches to our favorite caregivers.    If you have group that might be helped by a visit from Dr. Lanier Or Dr. Tierce, schedule at  817-731-9198


Texas Allergy Experts 


When looking for experts - Channel Five and WBAP often choose   TexasAllergyExperts

we take 

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This is the issue right now:

Mountain Cedar  -It's early this year



Dr Lanier Honored by LSU

for Grand Rounds presentation August 2018


Staff are a bunch of princeses this year.

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